Best BOFA Fume Extractor for Fluids, Chemicals & Coatings

Article Publish Date: January 7, 2020

Fluids, coatings, and chemical applications require various fillers, solvents, and adhesives for component assembly or rework. The processing, handling, and administration of these contents present numerous exposure risks including irritation, incapacitation, respiratory ailments, or even combustion and chemical burns. Fume cabinet workstations with multi-stage filtration systems feature inline HEPA and carbon-activated filters which capture both chemical vapors and particulate when combined with a BOFA fume extraction system.

BOFA CAB 700 Fume Extractor Cabinet

BOFA partial enclosures are a fume extraction option for a variety of applications. The FumeCAB 700 features an integrated filtration system which exhausts fumes and vapors. The easy change filter design enables safe and simple front loading filter replacement. Ultra-bright slim-line energy saving LED lights come as standard with optional UV lighting. UV lighting is ideal for applications such as the conformal coating of PCBs for identification of uniformity issues.

Processing hazardous chemicals or drugs is multifaceted with a wide set of applications varying between automated robotic systems and simple hand dispensing methods. Most will benefit from speaking with an applications specialist to ensure proper pressure balance and surface velocity for safe use.

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