This ULS laser is the replacement for the VLS 3.50

VLS 3.60DT Laser Desktop

VLS 350 360 DT Desktop
VLS 350 360 DT Desktop
VLS 350 360 DT Desktop
VLS 350 360 DT Desktop

The VLS3.60DT is a compact and economical entry level platform that offers a material processing envelope of 24″ x 12″ x 4″ or 1,152 in³ (610 x 305 x 102 mm or 18,878 cm³). The VLS3.60DT can be equipped with one of five 10.6µm CO2 laser sources ranging in power from 10 to 60 watts or one 9.3µm CO2 30 watt or 50 watt laser source.

Work Area: 24″ x 12″
Laser Dimension: 26.75″ x 14.6″ x 4″
Z-Axis Lifting Capacity: 20 lbs.
Interface Panel: Five button keypad
PC Requirements: PC running Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 32-bit and 64-bit
Laser Options: 10, 30, 40, 50, 60-watts
Equipment Weight: 95 lbs.
Power Requirements: 110V/10A or 220V-240V/5A
Exhaust Connection: One 3″ ports / Rated at 250 CFM @ 6″ static pressure

Vector Cutting Table

Rotary Fixture

Fume Filtration System

Exhaust Blower

1-Touch Photo




Adobe Illustrator


Rhino 3D Software


High Reliability Digital Motors
Universal’s laser systems use high quality digital motors which don’t require expensive and complicated optical encoders to function, increasing reliability.

Intelligent Laser Energy Management Engine
This feature maintains consistent energy density at any processing speed producing uniform marks and constant depth when cutting, marking and engraving.

Laminated Safety Glass
Glass viewing windows creating a safe enclosure for laser processing.

Multiple Language Support
Supported languages include English, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, and more.

Over-Temp Alarm (for fire safety)
An over temperature alarm installed in every Universal laser system monitors the temperature of the work area. If an unusually high temperature is detected the system will turn off the laser and trigger an audible alarm.

Permanently Sealed Bearings
Our sealed, self-lubricating motion system bearings keep dust and debris out, resulting in a longer bearing life.

Stretch-Free Kevlar® Belts
Durable belts provide a long life of reliable processing.

Air-Cooled Laser Source
Because our laser sources are air-cooled, no complicated liquid cooling systems are required.

High Reliability, Excellent Power Stability
Our laser sources provide consistent power for predictably excellent processing results.

Laser Fan Control (to reduce noise)
Universal’s lasers are all air cooled by computer-controlled fans. Fan speed is reduced or increased as a function of laser temperature, reducing noise levels when the lasers are being used on lower power settings.

Laser Pointer
A red laser pointer is installed for easy material alignment.

Patented Cross-Platform Compatibility
Laser sources can be freely interchanged between laser platforms.

Patented Free-Space Gas Slab Laser Design
Our patented laser sources use free-space gas slab resonators to produce an excellent quality beam with even power distribution and good near and far field characteristics.

Patented Pre-Aligned Laser Sources
Laser sources are pre-aligned at the factory and do not need to be internally realigned.

Smart Laser Source Technology
Because we manufacture our own lasers, Universal’s lasers can communicate their model number to the laser system CPU, allowing the laser system to automatically choose the right settings for a particular material based on available laser power.

Wide Selection of Power Levels
Lasers are available at power levels from 10 to 150 watts.

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