Ask About BOFA iQ Series

Our award-winning Intelligent (iQ) Operating System takes performance and safety brings multiple performance enhancements for higher efficiency of extraction, individual filter status monitoring and integral design features that combine to deliver a lower cost of ownership.

Independent filter monitoring means the user can obtain the real-time status of the pre-filter and combined (main) filters so they are only changed when they need to be. Pre-blockage warnings provide operators with plenty of time to prepare for change by identifying which filter needs replacing and when, so the uncertainty and guesswork is removed and you save money.

AD 350

BOFA Filter System

Fume extraction system for light duty laser marking, coding and engraving applications.

AD Nano

BOFA Filter System

The AD Nano is ideal for small scale industrial environments and light to medium laser coding applications

BOFA Filter System

The AD Oracle iQ is our most technically advanced laser fume extractor.

AD 500 iQ

BOFA Filter System

The AD 500 iQ is the ideal choice for heavy duty laser applications.

AD 1000 iQ

BOFA Filter System

High performance laser fume extraction system for applications in laser marking, coding and engraving.

AD 1500 iQ

BOFA Filter System

The AD 1500 iQ is the ideal choice for heavy duty applications.

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