Best Fume Extractors for Soldering

Article Publish Date: December 31, 2019

Fume extractors are found in nearly every manufacturing area hosting excessive chemical vapors, aerosols, and particulates. Soldering fume extractors generally use vacuum hoses for “on-spot” filtration when applying solder paste, flux, solvents and adhesives.

BOFA V 200 Soldering Fume Extractor

The BOFA V 200 fume extractors are ideal for hand soldering processes. Its adaptable arms allow unique configurations for reaching the point of extraction. The system is portable and comes complete with an installation kit and everything you need for a quick installation. The system operates quietly and contains a three-stage filter system including pre-filters which reduce recurring operating costs.

BOFA T1 & T15 Soldering

The BOFA T1 is designed to extract and filter fumes and debris through small-bore hoses and attachments. Ideally suited for soldering iron tip extraction, vac pens and any application requiring close proximity, microextraction.

The BOFA T15 is a high volume fume extraction system with a built-in silencer for extremely low noise levels. With its three-stage filtration and filter warning indicator, this is a true industry favorite, suitable for 5 -15 operators/extraction points. The T15 extracts and filters fumes and debris through small bore hoses and attachments. Ideally, this system is suited for multiple workstations with soldering iron tip extraction, vac pens and any application requiring close proximity use.

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BOFA Extractors for Soldering, Lasers, Cutting, Dust and Engraving

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