Overview of BOFA Technology Fume Extractors

Article Publish Date: January 14, 2019

Advanced manufacturing processes require extensive consideration for air quality management. BOFA flow hoods and fume extractors cater to tasks which produce aggressive microparticles and fumes. By curbing contaminants, facilities reduce inspection failures and late-stage defects caused by excessive particulate buildup. Stand-alone fume management systems feature plug-and-play support, performance monitoring systems, and dirty filter indicators quickly forecast manufacturing hazards such as blocked filters, filter load, and poor filtration efficacy.

BOFA Filtration Technology

BOFA combines pre-filtration systems and high-efficiency particle filters that remove 99.997% of particles 0.3 micron in size. This ensures that clean air is maintained in the workplace, while patented features such as DeepPleat DUO combines reverse flow air technology for optimized filter life and lower cost of ownership.

What is the BOFA iQ Performance System?

The BOFA iQ system is a patented central processing unit which connects a number of sensors to a real-time data output on an internal display. The system includes alarm and data logging, USB data control, a real-time clock, and I/O controls. The system adjusts motor drive and fan speeds for optimal filter efficiency when the unit experiences pressure loss due to blockage or overload.

Set Flow Rate with Automated Presets

This iQ system enables the user to set the required airflow rate, then over time as the filters begin to block the motor will automatically begin to increase in speed to compensate for any loss in performance caused by the added restriction of the partially blocked filters. The set airflow will now be maintained throughout the life of the filters. When the extraction unit can no longer maintain the set airflow, an alarm will sound and the display will indicate which filter requires replacement.

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BOFA Extractors for Soldering, Lasers, Cutting, Dust and Engraving

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