How DLMP® Technology Works

Article Publish Date: December 5, 2019

DLMP® Technology

Digital Laser Material Processing technology enables users to laser cut, engrave, and mark on almost any material. The capabilities of the unique ULS DLMP® systems expand the potential for applications across organizations and in multiple departments including production, R&D and engineering, sales, marketing and facilities management.

DLMP technology offers various benefits as part of any business solution, such as the following:

Software Controlled

Virtually any design can be printed from your graphic software to the laser system software. Additionally, .DXF and .PDF file formats can be imported directly into the Universal Control Panel (UCP) or Laser System Manager (LSM).


An endless number of materials are compatible with ULS laser systems, including plastics, metals, silicone rubbers, fabrics, composites, laminating adhesives and other advanced materials to name a few.


Cut, engrave and mark in one step. Additionally, you can engrave or mark a high-resolution image on material. The laser systems can perform many different types of operations in a single step by seamlessly changing power, speed and other parameters with one click.


Ablate or modify material without applying any physical force. Using a non-contact method for laser cutting, engraving and marking, the laser system eliminates the need for physical tooling with dies, blades and cutters or permanent holding fixtures.

On Demand

Process material in real time. Laser systems do not depend on physical tooling and are driven by software files. Getting started is as easy as placing the material in the laser system and processing the graphics file.

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